NCBI @ FSU offers an 8-hour workshop that allows participants to tap into how they  have been taught to think and act as members of their identity groups and provides skills for bridging our differences.

The workshop consists of a series of incremental activities that helps participants to:

  • Celebrate their similarities and differences.
  • Recognize the misinformation they have learned about various groups, including their own.
  • Learn about and re-evaluate personal attitudes and behaviors that are based on the impact of prejudice and discrimination.
  • Claim pride in their various identities.
  • Understand the personal impact of discrimination through the telling of stories.
  • Learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with offensive remarks and behaviors.

What we offer

Building Effective Relationships Across Group Lines (4 hours)

This introductory and interactive four-hour workshop will encourage participants to explore how our identities shape our experiences and our interactions with others, to notice the dynamics that get in the way of effective relationship-building across difference, and to discover some coalition-building skills.

Building Leadership Skills in Equity and Inclusion (8 hours)

This intense and interactive eight-hour workshop invites participants to reflect on how identity has shaped their experiences and their leadership, while working together to build skills for coalition-building and effectively interrupting hurtful comments and behaviors.

Controversial Issues Processing for Groups (4 hours)

NCBI’s award-winning Controversial Issues process trains participants to deal constructively with tough conflicts, enabling them to move disputing parties toward common solutions.  Participants engage in active learning by dialoguing about a real controversy that exists in the room.  


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